Modeling and Desing


Using infographics we evaluated how will be the final appearance of the construction or reform
after the execution of the work.
We also work with computer graphics on-demand for the creation of panels, ads, etc.
The possibility of sharing with the client an outline of the final result becomes an invaluable help in making a decision or other. Aware of this circumstance, we deliver budgets accompanied by
3d models.


Architecture and Planning

After many years of dedication to the world of architecture and design, we lead the development
and implementation of models of project in single-family homes, offices, outdoor, restaurants and
The continued involvement from the draft until the conclusion of the work is one of our
hallmarks. We believe in the value of the record.



Interior design

The form, light and color are tools, and at the same time, the raw material of Interior Design. We
give shape to these elements in each of the areas in which we work. Each space arises as an opportunity for inventiveness and the pursuit of comfort and beauty to explore the wonderful myriad of alternatives. The possibility of generating architectures, conditions of habitability and solutions decorative that respond to the needs and aesthetic preferences of our customers fascinates us.



Each of our projects is consumed from a perspective that considers the design and architecture as a genuine artistic disciplines. We provide customer graphics examples of the project status for them to participate in the
various creative decisions. We rely on the power of the union and the exchange of ideas. The desire of Artha is none other that form a fruitful partnership with its customers.




We manage the appropriate measures so that our customers projects materialize in the conditions
and time limits.



Licenses and opening projects

Our customers will not have to worry about any administrative diligence.
We take care of managing visas with schools, visas with town hall, activity licenses and licenses
of opening.


IEEs and energy certificates


In any sale or rental process - whether it's a commercial, industrial or residential space- It is
needed an energy certificate which endorse the quality and record consumption levels.
We know the different symptoms of the buildings, thus enabling us to develop risk analysis,
pathology studies, suggestions for improvement and technical inspection of buildings (ITEs).


Calculation of facilities


We carry out electrical, gas, plumbing and sanitation Systems.
We work closely with a team of engineers who assist us in all the calculations related to energy
efficiency, exploitation of natural resources, solar panels, thermal panels and water collection.





Visit and Free Quote


Contact us.
We provide the budget of your idea or project without any kind of commitment.




Maintenance Services

We deal with all relevant tasks of maintenance, both of our works and existing ones.



Close Cooperation with the Customer


The participation of the client, with whom we establish a transparent and friendly relationship is essential from the very beginning of the project. In Artha, we are all in favor of maintaining the link with our customers even after the completion
of the work.




Comprehensive Advisory Services


We give a full service consultancy in projects already implemented and future projects making the purchase process as comfortable as possible in the different stages of the transaction. Customer satisfaction is our main objective.




Exteriors and Landscaping

Swimming pools

Following your tastes and applying our knowledge, we will build the pool you want.
We work salt water pools and pools with ecological system of water purification.

Gardening and landscaping

The garden design represents the link between nature and the art of architecture. The vegetation has the gift of creating atmospheres of stillness outside the racking and the artificiality of the urban contexts. Thanks to our notions about types of terrain, fertilizers, plants, floriculture and irrigation systems, we are fully qualified to create flowerbeds, recreational areas and green spaces for ornamental purposes.


Terraces, pergolas and porches

We love the wood-working. We carved furniture in different styles. We manufacture and install pergolas, gazebos and tents.

We are specialists in the conditioning of
porches and terraces.







Artha Design & Solutions is bornt with the aim of creating spaces of experience where architecture and nature merge and tangle. The integration of constructions in the surroundings, the respectful use of environmental resources, energy efficiency, professionalism and dedication, are the pillars on which rises the home in which we accommodate our customers.
In Artha we give shape to your ideas as craftsmen who mold clay with patience and dedication.

Layout Villa m2
Exteriro Villa Marina
Villa Marina.Marbella
Night Villa Br
Guadalmina Piscina exterior
Watter entrance Jorge Marbella La cerquilla_View 0_9.jpg
Nonina 4


Meet The Team

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Alexander Trijzelaar

Professional trained in the field of engineering facilities and interior design. Expert in sustainable
construction, bioclimatic design and energy efficiency. It has assumed great responsibility in
multinational companies management activities***. He is a key work in the calculation of facilities and
programs adjusted and effective***

Bianca Noack

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Formada en diseño , postproducción y contabilidad, contribuye a una parte esencial del motor de Artha, la viabilidad de los proyectos y el control económico de la empresa.

Actualmente se encarga de promocionar la empresa, actualizar redes sociales, nuevas incorporaciones, gestión y contabilidad, y forma una parte esencial en el diseño de interiores.

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Multidisciplinary professional in all tasks of implementation and organization of work with extensive
knowledge of Interior design, wooden structures, coatings and closures.
He has extensive experience in the field of architectural planning .
Holding roles of works management and head of design for more than twenty years.

Daniel Louit



Artha Design & Solutions is a company specialized in design, architecture, construction and reforms. It consists of professionals who, after many years of expertise in the sector, make viable any work and
construction project.


Artha offers services in Malaga and Madrid. 
We have a group of technicians and specialists in various aspects of work
-foremen, laborers, carpenters, gardeners, installers and forms - who put their skills to the service
of our initiatives.

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Calle Marqués del Duero, 72, 1ºB , Marbella San Pedro de Alcántara. 29660

Calle Monasterio de Poyo, 18, Montecarmelo,

Madrid. 28034

Tel: 951 577 913

Tel: +34// 620 90 47 41/ 655 927 533

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© Artha Designs Architecture SL

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0034/ 620 90 47 41/ 655 927 533

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